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Horizontal versus Vertical Fall - 5 ways to demonstrate this physics experiment

How to demontrate Horizontal and Vertical Displacement in Physics? You can buy physics equiment, but it´s more fun to build it yourself!



Mavo 2/3/4, Havo 2/3, VWO 2/3


1 (my favorite, can be build from scrap, easy to understand)

Thanks to my new collegea Victor Werkhoven who inspired me to produce this film and this page.
He got the construction from Patrick Walravens book ZAVO Physics. (Dutch book).


2 (Most used way to demonstrate, funny teachter, equipment like this can be bought. Search the internet!)


 3 (Simple effective construction, you can either buy this or build this from scrap)


4 (MythBusters: Awesome video/experiment, just to complicated to use in classroom.)


5 Nice contruction, very usefull in combination with videoanalysis


Same construction, showing more details!


6 (If you are lazy or haven't got any equipment)


7 (If you are even more lazy or haven't got any equipment) 

Not that I like this video, but if you are really to lazy to build any kind of equipment, you might show it this way!


8 (Nothing new or really different, but nice to hear multiple simultanious bounced of the balls.)


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