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DIY cheap Functiongenerator from Audio Amplifier

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In the video, you see one of my first attempts to build a diy tonegenerator. A few days later, giving it another try, my amplifier seems te have died of unknown reasons. I guess my electromotor absorbed to much energy. I inform you so you can try to prevent from this error. Bluetooth is still working, but no speaker-signal coming out anymore. No fuse to repace... I got stuck!!! I think I ruined my Renkforce Amplifier. Which is a pity because my tonegenerator really seemd to work very very nice!

I bought another Renkforce: it didn't work at all. A third one: same story. I need to try another amplifier now. I know now the idea behind my diy tonegenerator works like a charm for Meldes experiment, but my Renkforce (very poor reviews) amplifier does not.

Later I choose two different amplifiers from another trademark that both work well now. I decided to continu using the KEMO because the Whadda you have to solder all components yourself (which is not that bad job to do, but I will have to do it 16 times).

audio versterkers

To complete my amplifier setup, I will purchase following:

  • a box to build the whole set in
  • a doublesided jackplug 3,5 mm
  • jackplug female 3.5 mm for fixation on box
  • DC brushmotor ± 1,5 V (low voltage)
  • Potmeter 10 kΩ (I choose/gambled a cheap one that can pass enough power 0,6 W)
  • 2 bananaplug to connect powersupply to my box

I allready tested these amplifiers. But I am writing this before purchasing the completing set and before kids have touched this equipment. So it has not been fully tested yet.

audio versterkers onderdelen



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